Friends star Jennifer Aniston is said to be considering following in the footSteps of Angelina Jolie and Madonna by adopting children.

The Bruce Almighty actress has had a Rocky personal life in recent times with a high-profile divorce from actor Brad Pitt and a failed relationship with her co-star on The Break-Up, Vince Vaughn.

However, Jen is reported to still be keen to be a yummy mummy. The National Enquirer magazine has quoted a source saying: "Jennifer would still love to have children biologically someday, but she feels burned out on relationships right now and isn't looking forward to dating again."

According to the insider, Jen is keen to settle down to stable family life: "She's 37, and adopting a child would be a way to put some roots down without feeling desperate about the future. She says she'd love to have a son, that's what she's feeling in her heart."

And there's no chance of Jen rushing into an adoption as it has been on her mind for a while, the source added, saying: "Adoption is something she and Brad talked about when they were married, before his current partner Angelina Jolie adopted her first child."

Plus, as godmother to Coco, the daughter of Friends co-star Courtney Cox-Arquette, Jen can get lots of babysitting practice.

08/01/2007 08:08:12