Curvy actress Angelina Jolie's life as a single mum got off to a rocky start when she realised she had no idea how to bring up a baby.

The star was left holding adopted baby son MADDOX when husband BILLY BOB THORNTON left the couple to go on tour with his band last summer (02), and the Tomb Raider babe admits it suddenly hit her what a great challenge motherhood was.

She says, "It was the weirdest, hardest, most wonderful thing I have ever done.

"There was a day when I was alone in this house with a new baby, and I had no ideas how many bottles to feed him or how to give him a bath or anything.

"He and I have gone through a lot of funny things, with me learning and making mistakes. He's taught me how to be a parent."

09/07/2003 09:26