Angelina Jolie's reputation as a lover of danger has stunt teams worried - they double check all her harnesses in case she goes too far.

When she a reckless teenager making FOXFIRE, the sexy star unhooked her safety harness while filming a hair-raising mid-air stunt - and the incident has haunted her ever since.

She says, "The harness was hindering me, and that story got to every stuntperson I've ever worked with.

"Now, on every movie, they keep double-checking my safeties all the time."

Even with all the double-checking, there's no guarantees the actress won't get hurt - she smashed up her elbow while filming TOMB RAIDER sequel CRADLE OF LIFE.

She reveals, "I lost a little piece of bone and we're pretty sure the bone is still somewhere in my arm. We're assuming it will surface."

13/07/2003 20:50