Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie has confessed to a string of casual affairs with close male friends.

The sexy star - who has kept tight-lipped about her love life since splitting from last husband Billy Bob Thornton last year (03) - meets her suitors for raunchy hotel rendez-vous, before returning home to her baby son MADDOX.

She says, "I went for two years with absolutely no man around me.

"Then I decided to get closer to men who were already close very close friends of mine.

"As crazy as that sounds, meeting a man in a hotel room for a few hours and not seeing that man again for a few months is about what I can handle.

"I've never had a one-night stand - these are people that I know very well.

"I can feel like a woman and get close to a man but it's not a relationship that interferes with my family.

Jolie refused to name the lucky men - but in recent months she has been linked with ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller and Alexander movie co-stars COLIN FARRELL and Jared Leto.

10/03/2004 03:00