Movie star Angelina Jolie has never been seen in public at her most beautiful, because she looks her best in the middle of the night.

The TOMB RAIDER stunner is often complimented for her good fashion sense and natural beauty at glitzy celebrity events, but Angelina insists her adopted baby son MADDOX is the only one who gets to see her at her best.

She says, "When I'm up in the middle of the night trying to get Mad back to sleep, that's when I'm at my most beautiful and sexy, and not when I'm in some fabulously expensive outfit.

"I would like to think that one day somebody's going to share that moment with me. I do wonder what it would be like to be loved for being a mother, because no man has really seen that yet.

"(Ex-husband) BILLY BOB (THORNTON) and I were going to adopt a child together, I didn't plan on being a single parent, but I love being a mum and don't really know any other way."

28/10/2003 21:12