Angelina Jolie has travelled to the troubled Sudan in order to visit reFugees in the African country and raise awareness of their plight.

The 31-year-old UN goodwill ambassador visited two refugee camps in eastern Chad where many displaced people from the violence-stricken Darfur region of Sudan are currently living.

In a statement from the UN, the Girl Interrupted star was said to be "struck by the sense of hope she encountered at the Oure-Cassoni camp near this town and by the widespread desire for peace-keepers to be deployed in Chad".

Writing in the Washington Post on Wednesday, Angelina said: "Until The Killers and their sponsors are prosecuted and punished, violence will continue on a massive scale."

She adds: "Accountability is a powerful force. It has the potential to change behaviour  to check aggression by those who are used to acting with impunity."

Oscar-winning Angelina first became interested in humanitarian work while filming Tomb Raider in Cambodia. Since being named a goodwill ambassador in 2001, the Mr and Mrs Smith star has visited Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Ethiopia amongst other nations.

Two of her three children have been adopted from the countries she has visited. Five-year-old Maddox was born in Cambodia while baby Zahara was adopted from Ethiopia in 2005.

Angelina also has a child, baby Shiloh, with partner Brad Pitt.

02/03/2007 08:35:10