Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has visited Iraq and neighbouring Syria to meet reFugees affected by the violence in the strife-torn country.

The Tomb Raider star, who is a United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) ambassador, visited a refugee registration centre in Syria on Monday.
She then flew to Iraq the next day to meet refugees housed in a camp near the border between the two countries.

During her visit, the 32-year-old actress also visited coalition troops based in the country.

In a statement Jolie said: "I have come to Syria and Iraq to help draw attention to the humanitarian crisis and to urge governments to increase their support for UNHCR and its partners.

"My sole purpose in both countries is to highlight the plight of those uprooted by the war in Iraq."

She also emphasised the need for the solution of "the enormous humanitarian consequences" faced by refugees to be raised in discussions on the country's future.

Jolie has three adopted children that she assumed care over after visiting the developing countries of Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam.
She also has a child named Shiloh with partner Brad Pitt, who is currently involved in relief work in New Orleans.

29/08/2007 07:32:32