Angelina Jolie visited Haiti at the weekend.

The actress - who is the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - flew to the earthquake-stricken Caribbean nation to meet with authorities about how things have been improving since the two devastating national disasters in January.

The 35-year-old beauty's visit was kept top-secret, after the actress requested her trip remained low-key.

During her stay, Angelina reportedly spent time in meetings with Haitian and United Nation officials.

Since the Earthquakes hit Haiti earlier this year, the actress has made several trips overseas where she met with orphans and other victims and refugees of the earthquake.

Angelina and her partner Brad Pitt - who raise six children together - are known for their generosity and charity work, and donated $1 million through their Jolie-Pitt Foundation to Doctors Without Borders earlier this year.

Singer Wycleff Jean recently urged them to extend their brood - which already includes three children adopted from Vietnam, Cambodia and Ethiopia - by adopting another child from Haiti.

He said: "Brad and Angie! Please adopt a child from Haiti!"