Angelina Jolie created her jewellery line for "fun".

The Oscar-winning actress has her own range of accessories and while she admits it's never been a huge ambition of hers, she did it because she wanted to design pieces she could wear as well as giving the proceeds to charity.

The mother-of-six told Vanity Fair magazine: "Yeah, I did it for fun. The proceeds go to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, a foundation I started with Gene Sperling. I like certain types of jewellery I wasn't finding, big chunky stones with gold. I worked with a designer, saying, 'If I had an ideal ring, it would look like this.' Or, 'I'd love a pair of earrings that look that.' But I never jewellery. Unless I go to a premiere. I'm the worst."

Angelina has previously spoken about the charity, saying: "These are the children who most need a safe place to learn, a place to heal, a place to learn reconciliation, a place to build a better future and a place - to just be children. Yet the education for these children is often forgotten. Tens of millions of children and adolescents in conflict are not in school."