Sexy actress Angelina Jolie has a new worry after clearing out the landmines from her new Cambodian property - snake bites.

The Tomb Raider beauty recently purchased land in the war-torn territory - where her two-year-old adopted son MADDOX was born and plans to spend a lot of time there.

And after getting rid of the life-threatening landmines and building her house on stilts, Jolie admits her next force to combat is nature.

She says, "We'll be spending a lot of time there. But we just de-mined it. There are animals there. We need to get snakebite kits. It's a jungle. We're spent a few nights, but my son's a toddler, so I'm still nervous."

And Jolie admits that the threat of an undetected landmine also remains a worry.

She continues, "We had about 48 unexploded land mines on our property and they found them on there from all different countries, including my own. Some of them are very small and plastic and some of them are big rockets.

"It does make me a bit nervous because we feel we've cleared them all. I'm sure I'd hate myself or probably not be able to live with myself if Maddox stepped on one and died because I'd feel like I killed him.

"It's so shocking to everybody that I would live there but I feel like it's a part of my son's life a part of our life together is to confront that part of his country - good and bad and live there."

23/10/2003 02:00