Angelina Jolie was spotted walking her pet bulldog around the streets of New Orleans over the weekend - she was joined by daughters Zahara, 7, Vivienne, 3, and son Pax, 8, reports the UK's Daily Mail.
Ethiopian born Zahara already appears to developing her own style, and debuted braided hair with blue streaks as she strolled around the city's French Quarter with her Hollywood star mother. The family headed into a local grocery store, with Pax appearing the most boisterous of the group. The animated eight-year-old bounded around the streets while entertaining his younger sisters with some serious dance moves. The group picked up some candy, crisps and newspapers from a nearby store before heading home. Dressed all in black, Angelina opted for a pair of smart trousers with a loose fitting sweater. Though it was initially thought Jolie and her children had taken a short vacation alone, father Brad Pitt was later photographed emerging from the family's New Orleans residence, donning his favored black all-in-one. On Saturday evening, Angelina accompanied her partner to a fundraiser for the city - which the actor fell in love with while filming the movie 'Interview with a Vampire' in 1994.Rihanna="" sheryl="" crow="" and="" ellen="" degeneres="" as="" well="" guests="" who="" had="" each="" paid="" up="" attend.="">