Angelina Jolie has denied reports that she has secretly wed long-term partner Brad Pitt.

The 36-year-old actress, speaking to Vanity Fair said that there is "no secret wedding" also adding that she has no future plans for further children either, saying, "I'm not pregnant. I'm not adopting at the moment." The actress has also decided to spend more time behind the camera rather than in front of it recently and has just completed her directorial debut with the movie 'In the Land of Blood and Honey' and she believes that the directing experience has changed how she views the movie-making process, "I've never felt more exposed. My whole career, I've hidden behind other people's words, now it's me talking. You feel ridiculous when you get something wrong."

JOLIE is no stranger to the film industry, born in Los Angeles she is the daughter of ACADEMY AWARD winning actor Jon Voight. She has starred in several blockbusters including Tomb Raider, Alexander and Mr & Mrs. Smith were she plays a wife in a boring marriage surprised to find out that her husband is a contract killer also starring Brad Pitt.