Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt wore animal 'onesies' to celebrate one of their children's birthdays while camping at an Australian zoo, according to Japanese pop star Miyavi.

The Tomb Raider actress hired the musician for his feature film debut in her second directorial effort Unbroken and the pair worked together on the drama, about U.S. Olympian Louis Zamperini, in Australia last year (13).

During down time, Miyavi, his wife Melody and their two children attended an overnight camping party held by Jolie and Pitt at Sydney Zoo for one of their six children's birthdays.

Miyavi tells Britain's Guardian newspaper, "Everyone was wearing onesies... I was a penguin, Brad was an alligator, Angie a zebra. It was a fun moment. They're celebrities but they're great parents, so natural, down to earth, taking care of their kids a lot."