Angelina Jolie has blamed the press for causing trouble while filming A Mighty Heart in Mumbai last year.

The Tomb Raider star plays the part of Mariane Pearl, the widow of American journalist Daniel Pearl who was kidnapped and murdered in Karachi, Pakistan in 2002, who embarks on a frantic search to find her husband in Pakistan.

However safety concerns led to filming in India's largest city but Mumbai Madness soon kicked in when an incident in November saw the actress' bodyguards accused of verbally abusing and assaulting parents who were picking up their children from the school they were filming in.

Yet Angelina insists frenzy was whipped up by the press which led to the incident.

"It was not the film production that caused chaos. We were only guilty of bringing the paparazzi," the 31-year-old actress told Entertainment Weekly magazine.

Aside from the troubles Angelina admitted that the filming could begin to get to her but, no stranger to a tough role, remained the professional.

"It could get intense. Michael [the director] and I would have disagreements over where he could follow me," she tells the magazine.

"I just needed to know that if things got too heavy, there'd be a place for me to cry by myself."

20/04/2007 07:30:29