Angelina Jolie's new movie has been slammed by a veteran aid worker, who says it could endanger the work of relief agencies.

BEYOND BORDERS stars the Tomb Raider beauty as an American socialite who follows an aid worker, played by Clive Owen, through a decade of international disasters.

But STEVE HANSCH, who advised the movie's creators, says the finished product could damage the efforts of agencies like the RED CROSS.

Hansch says, "The film advertises itself as a serious almost-documentary dedicated to the spirit of overseas aid workers.

"By popularising an image of aid agencies working under instructions from the CIA, Beyond Borders may torpedo their real work in the field.

"If widely seen, Beyond Borders is likely to endanger the lives of real aid workers in real aid operations."

Hansch, a researcher at GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY'S INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION, also criticises the film's depiction of Ethiopians and Cambodians as either victims or brutal warlords. But he does admit the film accurately portrays aid work in feeding centres and immunisation programmes, and the constant administrational burden.

09/11/2003 21:16