Hollywood stars attending tonight's (25FEB07) Academy Awards ceremony need to be extra mindful of their appearance - because TV bosses have warned celebrities of the effects high definition (HD) television broadcasts can have on their looks. HD television pictures are four times clearer than a standard image, and TV expert PHILIP SWANN believes actresses like Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta-Jones will benefit from the close-ups, while others like Brad Pitt would look terrible under the spotlight. He says, "Celebrities who are naturally beautiful look even better in HD. Their skin, hair and smile take on an extra radiance. "In HD, it's easy to see why Brad Pitt left JENNIFER (ANISTON) for Jolie. She has beautiful, sparkling blue eyes and full lips. "(Zeta-Jones), the star of Chicago and TRAFFIC, is absolutely gorgeous and it shows. Pity the ageing Michael Douglas when he has to stand beside her in the HD broadcast of the awards show." OCEAN'S ELEVEN actor Pitt doesn't fair too well either under the inspection of HDTV. He adds, "This would give females a heart attack if they saw him in high definition. (He) has deep pockmarks in his cheeks, the result of a long-time acne problem. "His name may be Pitt, but his face is a crater!"