Actress Angelica Bridges is following in the footsteps of her former Baywatch co-star Carmen Electra, by launching her own sexy dance troupe.

Just weeks after Electra announced the formation of the BOMBSHELL BABES, Bridges has unveiled her own cabaret show called HARLOWE, which debuts next month (JUL05) in Los Angeles.

But the auditioning process is proving to be more of a challenge than Bridges expected.

She says, "I'm having open auditions, and I got a submission from some girl who was like, 'I'm not only a triple threat, I'm a quadruple threat.'

"I was like, 'What the hell is a quadruple threat?' and she said, 'I can dance, I can sing, I look good, and I have a nice a*s.'

"Her a*s was what made her a quadruple threat."

08/06/2005 03:10