Angela Robinson would love to helm a 'Wonder Woman' movie.

The 46-year-old director's latest project 'Professor Marston and the Wonder Women' tells the story behind the creation of the iconic DC Comics character and Robinson definitely wouldn't pass on the opportunity to helm a 'Wonder Woman' movie in the DC Extended Universe.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz ahead of her film's debut at the BFI London Film Festival, Robinson said: ''I would definitely love to helm a big Hollywood 'Wonder Woman' film. I loved it ['Wonder Woman'] I loved it so much. The director Patty Jenkins just did an incredible job. It was this really emotional thing watching it and I thought it was just me but I've talked to a lot of other people and they were like, 'I cried all the way through 'Wonder Woman' and it was just extraordinary.''

'Professor Marston and the Wonder Women' examines the life of psychologist Dr. William Marston [Luke Evans] and his creation of the iconic character back in 1941 along with his unconventional relationship with his wife, Elizabeth [Rebecca Hall], and their lover Olive Byrne [Bella Heathcote].

Through his pseudonym 'Charles Moulton', Marston combined his, Elizabeth's and Olive's feminist ideas to create a heroine which young girls could look up to and still do to this day.

Although it looks at the creation of Wonder Woman, Robinson likes to think her movie is a compliment to the entire DC Extended Universe and she revealed Zack Snyder - who started the DCEU - has seen her film and ''loved it''.

Robinson said: ''I think it's a really interesting compliment to the whole DC universe and I actually just show the film to Zack Snyder and Debbie Snyder who loved it and they had an incredible response to the film.

''Debbie was really moved by it and they are both supporting it. I was really, really excited. We also showed the film to Gloria Steinem who gave us a quote and that kind of blew me away because she is one of my heroes.''