Actress Angela Lansbury fears drugs would have killed her children had a devastating domestic fire not forced the family to relocate to Ireland.
The Murder, She Wrote star and her late husband Peter Shaw endured "a terrible time" after an inferno destroyed their much-treasured California abode in the late 1960s.
Adding to their woes were children Deirdre and Anthony, who had succumbed to the temptations of narcotics and were spiralling toward an untimely death.
In a bid to consign their bad luck firmly to the past, the family uprooted to Ireland - and Lansbury is convinced the bold decision saved her kids' lives.
She says, "When my house burned down, it was a terrible time. We lost everything. But I also helped change our lives. Our children were on drugs - their friends were overdosing and dying, and the outlook was very bad.
"After the fire, with nothing to stay for, we moved to Ireland. So some good came of it. I don't think my children would have survived if we hadn't moved away from temptation."