Angela Lansbury worked with her first female director at the age of 92.

The 'Murder, She Wrote' star has never worked with a woman at the helm of a movie or a television show until her nineties when she teamed up with director Vanessa Caswill for the 'Little Women' miniseries recently.

She said: ''That was an interesting experience for me, and a first, and I'm so glad I had it. It was a very intimate relationship with a director which I had never really encountered before. She was quite wonderful in her ability to come to us actors - not in a loud way, from a distance she would come and whisper in our ears. And in that way, she was able to impart very subtle things that otherwise perhaps as a woman she might not have wanted to, for everybody to hear. But for the actor to hear it was delightful and I loved working that way with her.''

And the 92-year-old actress insists this miniseries won't be her ''swan song''.

Speaking on the Masterpiece Studio podcast, she added: ''Well I wouldn't say it's my swan song. It's not the last thing I'll do. I'm already doing other things but it's been said this would be my swan song. But it isn't. I know at 92 I should be thinking in terms of swanning out, but I don't know if you have the energy and the enthusiasm and the interest, I don't think you ever really stop.''