KING KONG star Andy Serkis left a gorilla at London Zoo heartbroken after he introduced her to his wife.

The British actor, who plays the giant ape in the epic monster movie, studied gorilla ZAIRE to prepare for his role and the two became quite close.

So when it was time for Serkis to leave the zoo and work on the film, he decided to introduce his ape 'girlfriend' to his wife - and the meeting didn't go well.

He recalls, "Lorraine came down with the kids... and, quite seriously, this relationship was pretty intense between me and Zaire and she saw Lorraine... and she had this water bottle... and she turned it round and she just sprayed Lorraine with this water.

"I actually went to see her, like, a year and half later... about three weeks ago, and she came bounding up and she totally recognised me and she looked at me and was like, 'Where the f**k have you been?'"