Conservative lawmakers in Florida are pushing for a bill that would limit the films eligible for a new tax incentive bonus to those that support traditional family values. The bill's sponsor, Representative Stephen L. Precourt, an Orlando Republican, told The Palm Beach Post that he wanted to encourage the production of films in Florida that are akin to The Andy Griffith Show . Asked whether films that depict homosexual characters would be eligible for the bonus, Lucia Fishburne, the state's film commissioner, told the Post that she is waiting to be told what the definition of "nontraditional family values," as spelled out in the bill, really means. "I'm not going to define it," she said. "There are a lot of different traditional values out there." But John Stemberger, president of the Florida Family Policy Council, which supports the bill, told the newspaper that "traditional" means marriage between a man and a woman. He said he regards the bill as "a brilliant idea."