American funnyman Andy Dick has vowed to stay away from home improvement tasks after taking on the job for a TV show.

Dick and his LESS THAN PERFECT co-star Sara Rue took part in American TV show Trading Places where friends decorate a room in each other's houses. But the INSPECTOR GADGET star was unimpressed with the workload.

He says, "It was even harder than normal work because we had to get up at 7.30. I was kind of in a pussy mood and had to be on camera and be funny but I also had to f***ing paint. And, like, measure things at 7.30am. It was hell.

"I don't do work in my house,. I hire people. And in real life,I would get my assistant to do this stuff. So the next day, I brought my assistant and said, 'You've got to help.'

"One thing I did that was tedious was taping off all of the trim - it's so boring. I feel like I did more work that I've done in 10 years."