Andy Bell has hit out at Miley Cyrus for being ''tacky''.

The Erasure lead singer, 50, has criticised the Wrecking Ball hitmaker's stage antics, including her infamous performance with Robin Thicke at MTV's Video Music Awards last year when she twerked alongside him while wearing a flesh-coloured underwear set.

Andy exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''To me it looks a bit tacky ... and then I saw some pictures of her live on stage and I was like 'oh my god', you know, it wasn't very tasteful''.

The 'Who Needs Love Like That' singer also made it clear that he has no intentions of following in the 21-year-old star's footsteps.

He said: ''She's young, she can get away with it ... I think shocking for the sake of selling stuff is really, really base. I don't think you have to stoop to that to sell stuff.''

When asked about his future plans, Andy revealed that Erasure's new album 'The Violet Flame' will be released on September 22, 2014 and can be described as being ''very dance, very up-tempo and very uplifting''.

He added: ''Well we just carry on, next year is going to be our 30th anniversary or the year after. I love working with Erasure and hopefully next year we'll take my new album Torsten [The Bareback Saint] on the road.''

Andy Bell's new album Torsten The Bareback Saint is out on 28th July. He will be performing the album at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 5th to 16th August.