Niamh has become the latest Nancy wannabe to be given her marching orders by Andrew Lloyd-Webber on BBC1's I'd Do Anything.

The 17-year-old Northern Irish singer's exit had failed to impress the judges in yesterday's performance of Don't Speak by No Doubt.

Denise Van Outen said her performance "lacked punch" while John Barrowman complained he was seeing a "younger girl".

Perhaps as a result TV voters put her in the bottom two alongside Rachel, leaving the pair forced into a sing-off rendition of Another Suitcase in the Hall from Lloyd-Webber's Evita.

"It's a very difficult song to sing and Niamh, if I was casting Evita, I would seriously think of you for that role," the Lord said.

"It's a very difficult decision for me but ultimately tonight I have to save Rachel. Niamh your voice just needs time to mature and I wouldn't be surprised if you weren't up for a major leading role when you're 20."

Niamh said she was "absolutely gutted" by Lloyd-Webber's decision but said she had enjoyed "the most amazing two months of my whole life" on the show.

Rachel, meanwhile, will be buoyed by Lloyd-Webber saying "you really warmed to that role" on her sing-off performance.

She joins Jessie, Jodie and Samantha who will spend the week preparing for next Saturday's semi-final.

18/05/2008 20:01:00