Keisha Amponsa-Banson has become the latest contestant to see her dreams of playing Nancy ended after being sent home from I'd Do Anything.

The 23-year-old from north London had impressed the judges with her performance of Anastacia's I'm Outta Love, with all the contestants singing modern pop songs.

But Keisha's performance failed to convince the viewing public, with Keisha and Niamh Berry facing a sing-off after the audience vote.

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber had previously professed his amazement at the public's lack of support for Keisha who he had saved from eviction for three weeks running after she found herself in the bottom two following the public vote.

But the impresario's backing was not enough for Keisha on last night's show, with Sir Andrew choosing to save 17-year-old Niamh after the two had sung Bette Midler's The Rose in a bid for survival.

"First, I'm going to say this is a complete and utter travesty, neither of you should be in the bottom two, it's completely wrong," he said before casting judgement.

"Keisha, you did wonderfully tonight. I've been put into a situation that I have never wanted to be in. For the first time on a television show, I am angry.

"But I'm going to have to go with the majority of the panel and I'm going to save Niamh."

He added: "That was an impossible choice for me. I thought this might happen at one point and this is the first time on this series or any of the others this has happened."

But the despite the public's apparent dislike for Keisha, she could be set for a successful West End career, judging by Sir Andrew's parting words.

"You were absolutely wonderful. I thought you caught my eye in the last routine," he told her.

"I think you have a huge career ahead of you and all I can say is that I'll do anything I can to help you."

28/04/2008 10:53:31