Andrew Lloyd Webber has come out in a fierce attack on the Eurovision Song Contest, essentially accusing the singing contest of being racist. The long running competition is watched by hundreds of millions worldwide, with a sizeable proportion of the British population tuning in for kitsch value even though they've consistently failed to make an impact.
However, musical legend Webber has attacked it in an interview with the Radio Times, "I don't think there's any point beating around the bush" he fumed, ''I'll put it to you by asking you a question. 'Did you see the Eurovision Song Contest this year? 'If you had seen it, you might have noticed one thing - I don't think there was one black face on the programme.''
Continuing, he ranted "At the press conference in Moscow (in 2009), I was asked, 'Why have you brought a black artist?' I said, 'Because she is the most talented artist that we had and I think she's a major, major star.' I think we would have come second but there's a problem when you go further east...'' Asked whether it was a contributing factor to why they didn't win that year, Webber responded ''Well, it doesn't mean that we would necessarily have won that year but we could have come second. 'If you're talking about Western Europe - Germany, fine; France, fine; Spain, fine; Greece, fine; Scandinavian countries, fine. But Ukraine? Not so good.''