The season finale of The Walking Dead, series two, aired in the United States last night and there are plenty of hints as to what can be expected from the comic book adaptation's third series. The New York Daily News have summarized some of the hints divulged when they 'probed' the programme's executive director Glen Mazarra for details.

The central character, Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) is surrounded by an ever-dwindling group of fellow survivors, in a land plagued by a zombie apocalypse. Fans of the show have been shocked by the deaths of some of the main characters recently, including Shane and Dale. And the bloodshed doesn't stop here; Mazzara has hinted that no character is indispensible, although it looks likely that Rick is there to stay. In a conference call, he revealed "No character is safe, we have examined at different [times] killing every character. No one is safe on this show," before adding "I'm very interested in focusing on Rick for the time being."

The producers of the show have also announced that the Treme actress Danai Gurira is set to play the role of Michonne. Although it's just a cameo role, it's a dramatic one that already has the comic book geeks on the edge of their seats. Michonne saves Andrea (played by Laurie Holden) by slicing off a zombie's head with a samurai sword. It looks likely that the next season is going to be situated in a nameless Georgia prison; the kind of safe-house that Rick has been on the hunt for. And to silence critics who didn't enjoy the slower pace of the second series, Mazzara assures them that season three is "like a freight train."