The second season of The Walking Dead came to its thrilling conclusion on Sunday evening (March 18, 2012) with two jaw-dropping episodes that saw plenty of bloodshed. Show bosses had warned viewers that the finale would see numerous characters reaching their demise, though viewers probably hadn't anticipated just how many casualties.

According to E! Online, some fans on Twitter claimed that the first ten minutes of the finale had more zombie action than in the past two seasons combined, and although that may be a slight exaggeration, viewers were definitely caught off-guard. The final few moments of the episode left it wide open for season three, with Rick, played by Andrew Lincoln, finally snapping after Carol questioned his leadership. He challenges the rest of the pack to go on without him into the zombie wilderness and proclaims "This isn't a democracy anymore". praised the writers for leaving the finale with Rick declaring a change of leadership, saying, "What his new attitude - and the rest of the group's distrust of him - means is something we'll have to wait until the fall to find out". Den of Geek were equally complimentary, saying, "Safety is a lie. Democracy is dead. Just when you think everything is starting to calm down, it all goes crazy. This is the game-changer for Rick and company".

The Walking Dead has generally been well received by critics and has received numerous award nominations including a Writers Guide of America nomination and a nod at the Golden Globes for Best Television Series Drama. The third season is scheduled to premiere in October 2012 on AMC.