ANASTASIA ASHLEY appeared on Andrew Jenks' hit MTV show 'World of Jenks' last night (25th October 2010), and revealed what it's like to be a pro-surfer and part time model. Jenks travelled to Southern California to meet the striking blonde athlete, who opened up about the death of her mother, amongst other issues. The 24-year-old filmmaker learnt of Ashley's loss, which up until now, she has kept relatively private. Jenks suggested that she should tell more people about it, and ran a poll asking whether or not Ashley needs to let down her guard in order to become a more successful surfer.
The episode of 'World of Jenks' followed the surfer and aspiring fashionista as she prepared for the U.S Open. She revealed that her father used to date the actress and model Pamela Anderson, and that she has met the Baywatch star twice before. Both Ashley and Anderson are spokespeople for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) which campaigns against fur and leather use, meat and dairy consumption, and hunting. Ashley also spoke to Jenks about her weight, and admitted that she often feels pressure to stay thin in her line of work.
Speaking about the episode on her Twitter page, Ashley told her followers, "finally watching #worldofjenks in Hawaii : ) SO stoked for everyone who tuned in and watched! thank you for every1's kind words makes me : )" (sic)