ANASTASIA ASHLEY, the professional surfer and part-time model, says she felt a little 'awkward' filming Andrew Jenks' show 'World of Jenks'. The 23-year-old starred in an episode that aired last night (25th October 2010), but when speaking to Surfer Magazine, she said she wasn't used to having a film crew follow her around.
When asked what it was like having Jenks follow her around for the week, Ashley said, "It was at first a little awkward having an entourage of about 15 people with you at all times. It made going out to eat kind of a problem. But I would say after the first two days I somewhat forgot about the cameras. And everyone who worked in production was very cool". The surfer said that she was happy to appear in the series because she wanted people to see 'the truth' behind what really goes on in the life of a pro-surfer, adding, "It's all real, no scripts, no shot lists, and definitely no-re takes".
Ashley spoke about a number of personal issues on the show, including the death of her mother - something she has kept relatively private until now.