Andrew Garfield locked lips with 30 girls on the night he had his first kiss.

The 34-year-old actor has revealed his ''sexual awakening'' occurred when he was 13 shortly after he left the boys-only Priory Preparatory School in Banstead, Surrey, England, and had enrolled at City of London Freemen's School, a mixed institution.

The kiss-fest occurred when a girl called ''Dora'' hosted a party at her parents' house and the bash turned into a free-for-all of smooching amongst the guests.

During an interview on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert', he spilled: ''I was at an all-boys prep school until the age of 12, and then as the hormone monster came into my life, I went to a co-ed school at the age of 13. Everyone's hormones are raging and we have no framework of how to deal with the opposite sex - or the same sex. All we know is that we need it and we want it and there are these unnameable desires that are coming up.

''This girl, Dora, I won't mention her last name - but she changed all of our lives ... It was about 50 young boys and girls on separate sides of this garden and no parental supervision. Then suddenly, I remember it was like a scene from 'Braveheart' where the Scottish and the English, they just start charging at each other, just like tongues out, like tongue first. That was my first kiss and I think that night I kissed 30 girls. This isn't me showing off. It was a free for all. It was like a royal rumble. It remains one of the best nights of my life. It was this mass sexual awakening.''

After listening to Garfield's anecdote, Colbert quipped, ''That same night, I learned how to play Dungeons & Dragons.''