Andrew Garfield was "overwhelmed" when he first wore the Spider-Man costume.

The British actor - who is portraying the web-slinging hero in a reboot of the movie franchise, previously starring Tobey Maguire - believes it was a moment of "pure childhood joy" when he first put on the iconic Red And Blue outfit at the start of shooting.

He said: "It was all so surreal - definitely an overwhelming feeling of pure childhood joy.

"Spider-Man was my favourite superhero. I guess I found him easy to relate to. His struggle was profound, and I understood it."

Discussing his connection to Peter Parker, and his web-slinging alter-ego, Andrew reveals he had a similar struggle to him growing up.

He said: "Every school has their bullies, and when you're a kid you wish you had the power to fight them and protect other people - and yourself."

Recently 'The Social Network' actor admitted he was worried about not doing a good job of playing Peter in the movie - which also stars Emma Stone and Sally Field - and letting fans down.

He said: "I'm very, very excited and nervous about 'Spider-Man' - I'm working hard to make sure I don't mess it up - physically, mentally, emotionally.

"It means as much to me as it does to everyone else. I can objectively look at myself and be like, 'You better not screw this up man. I'm going to be so p***ed off with you if you do."