Andrew Garfield has made no secret of the fact that Spider-Man is his favorite superhero, but who is favourite villain, out of all of Spidey's various nemeses? Apparently, the Hollywood star's favorite of all the Spider-Man villains is Electro. He told MTV that he's also keen on "Green Goblin, obviously, and I love Doc Ock. I think I like Doc Ock especially because of what Alfred Molina did [with the character in 'Spider-Man 2']. I don't know; he made that so memorable and kind of profound, somehow."
When asked his opinion on Kraven, Garfield laughed and said "Oh man. Kraven, that campy lion hunter, I like Kraven. I like Kraven a lot." As for the next installment, 'The Amazing Spider-Man', Garfield's lips are tightly sealed when it comes to the subject of villains. Fans will simply have to wait until nearer the time to find out who he will be pitted against in 2014. The world premiere for The Amazing Spider-Man took place in Tokyo this week, with fans eager to get a first glimpse of the new movie. This installment in the modern adaptations of the comic book series looks into Peter Parker's childhood for the first time, to find out why he was abandoned by his parents at a young age.
Speaking about his character, Garfield told reporters at the premiere "Spider-Man has always been the only teenage superhero, and the most human one in my humble opinion, and that's just one of the things that sets him apart. he's all too human, that's what's wonderful about him."