A group of the Brit's friends came out to Los Angeles to surprise the actor, who is now 33, and they thought it would be fun to get high before they headed out to the themepark.

His now ex-girlfriend Emma Stone joined in the fun at Disneyland, but in a behind-the-scenes video from a recent W magazine interview, Garfield doesn't suggest the actress was also high.

"It was literally heaven," he says. "How about Space Mountain (rollercoaster) three times in a row? I freaked out on It's a Small World (musical ride). I was like, 'It is a f**king small world'.

"There was a moment when me and eight of my closest friends found ourselves... we didn't even realize anyone else was doing it, we were walking through Fantasyland and there was a song that was playing coming out of the trees, and we were all... dancing through - and I think at one point we all started looking around going, 'We're all doing the same dance. How did this happen?'

"(The people at) Disneyland (were) like, 'Who are these grown men and women really f**king high just totally, like, what the f**k(sic)?'"

And although the trip was fun for Andrew, Emma, and their friends, the actor felt bad for the tour guide who had to put up with their antics.

"We had this girl called Chantelle - bless you, Chantelle, wherever you are - she was our guide," he adds. "And I think she was that innocent and pure of heart that she had no idea that we were on drugs."

"(She was so complimentary towards us like), 'You guys are great. I wish all of my guys were like you'," he continues. "Then we went back to my house and talked about how insane that day was because we were all having our own experiences... We all realised we were all thinking so many of the same things at the same time. Just stoned conversation. Everyone had a different freak out at a different place."