Andrew Garfield is ''fascinated'' by hallucinogens.

The 'Social Network' actor has experimented with magic mushrooms and plant-based brew Ayahuasca, but insisted he did so to find out more about his own ''consciousness'', rather than just for recreational use.

He told The Talks: ''I think hallucinogens are an interesting way of exploring our consciousness in a very ritualistic and safe way. It's not stuff to be trifled with! It's not recreational. I'm talking about a genuine search. I am very interested in all the discoveries that have been made from travelling from those kinds of hallucinogenic drugs. It's a very fascinating field.''

The 34-year-old actor also likes spending time getting back to nature to relax.

He said: ''I like doing retreats with certain people, I like doing it on my own, with friends... It's just part of what turns me on about living.

''I think being in nature is maybe the most important thing for me to unwind. Allowing myself to retreat, to be quiet and private, you know, get out of London, get out of the city. That is what I find is the most soothing: going to the countryside, Oxford, or recently I went to Big Sur, California, which I found very beautiful and recharging and rejuvenating.''

Andrew credits his time in retreat at helping him to build his relationship with his father.

He said: ''I consider sustained relationships and my relationship with my dad to be my biggest achievements. Me and my dad have an incredible relationship now but it was with a lot of work that we created it together. We are best friends.

''And I don't mean that in any sentimental way, I mean it in a very real way! It took us a long time to get there.

''It took us a lot of hard conversations and deep work and courage to face each other and accept things about ourselves, about our family history, about stuff from previous generations.

''We really did a lot of healing together and we continue to. And now it's this amazing exploration together. I don't think many men get that with their fathers. It's sort of a wound and a gift thing.''