Andrea Riseborough thinks fame is ''strange''.

The 'Oblivion' actress recently received an EE Rising Star nomination the British Academy Film Awards and has revealed that her newfound notoriety has led to people she's known for years treating her differently.

She told BANG Showbiz exclusively: ''It does get odd. It gets strange on many levels. On a personal level, with people you've known for years - but it's not necessarily the close people but the people you are acquainted with.''

The 'Shadow Dancer' star admits to being self conscious about making a faux pas in public, but living in relative seclusion with her boyfriend, artist Joe Appel, helps her attain some semblance of a normal life.

She explained: ''You start to get scared of putting a foot wrong and that's not a very nice feeling.

''My way [of coping with fame] was, I fell in love and moved up in the mountains, in a cabin in Idaho, surrounded by a thousand trees and that serves me well.

''Even though people there have been very kind and respect what I do, they understand why I am there, that I enjoy being there. Because it is such a peaceful land and there's a great community and there's sanctity, so I've found that.''