Opera singer Andrea Bocelli has ruled out a performance at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' Italian wedding on Saturday (18NOV06), insisting he'll just be another celebrity guest at the nuptials. It was believed the blind star would sing AVE MARIA as guests arrive at Castello Odescalchi in Bracciano, but Bocelli insists he won't be performing on the big day. He admits he was asked to sing but he'll be saving his voice for his tour. He says, "I will be there as a guest." The Italian star won't be the only celebrity at the ceremony - Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Brooke Shields, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy and Jennifer Lopez are among the big names already in Italy for the wedding of the year. Many of the guests joined the soon-to-be Mr + Mrs Cruise and their kids for a private dinner party at top restaurant Nino's in Rome last night (16NOV06).