Critics have mauled Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli's performances in New York city last week, calling them "careless" and "unconvincing". Blind Bocelli, who has sold out his concert dates in New York, is slated as a singer who is still living off his fame without having any real vocal talent. New York Times critic BERNARD HOLLAND says, "Bocelli is not a very good singer. The tone is rasping, thin and in general, poorly supported. Even the most modest upward movement thins it even more, signalling what appears to be the onset of strangulation. "To his credit, Mr Bocelli sings mostly in tune. But his phrasing tends towards carelessness and rhythmic jumble, and the little barks and husky vocal expletives that are the mother's milk of Italian tenordom sound faded and unconvincing. The diction is not clear." A review from the Associated Press (AP) also slates Bocelli, proclaiming, "Passion? Yes. Power? No."