LATEST OUTKAST frontman Andre 3000 has hit back at reports the acclaimed duo is splitting up, insisting, "Everything is still tight." The HEY YA! singer insists too many people are jumping to conclusions about his decision not to perform with bandmate BIG BOI again. Despite releasing separate albums as their last release, SPEAKERBOXXX/THE LOVE BELOW, Andre 3000, real name Andre Benjamin, confirms he has no plans to quit Outkast. He tells MTV News, "I got a phone call from Big Boi and he said that on some hip-hop websites that the headlines were reading something to the effect of, 'It's Official: Outkast Is Broken Up,' or something like that. "N**gas hit me in the street like, 'I heard the bad news. Sorry to hear about that,' and I'm like, 'Man, what are you talking about?' Everything is still tight, most definitely." The funky star also dismissed reports the duo had turned down the chance to appear on Oprah Winfrey's talk show because they didn't want to talk about the split. He adds, "It's been a whole bunch of crazy rumours: we turned Oprah down and all this type of stuff. It's totally not true. "We went to Oprah because we were pumping this Idlewild film and soundtrack. They sent her a copy of the movie. But the release dates kept being pushed back and Oprah's show is dormant during the summertime, so there was no chance for us to do it."