Andie MacDowell is a member of a book club.

The actress admits reading is one of her favourite ways to relax, but because of her busy workload, she doesn't always get the chance to discuss her novels with the rest of her group.

She said: "I read a lot of non-fiction books. I'm obsessed with Carl Jung, so I read a lot of different adaptations of his work and how people see his work. I read a lot of those and then I burn my brain out, and then I like to read something lighter.

"I read 'The Help', along with everybody else. I really enjoyed that. I thought it was a really quick and easy read. I'm just reading 'The Cottonwood Bible'. I'm a member of a book club, but I don't always make it. But I try to keep up with what they're reading. I love all of Oprah's picks, I think she picks good books."

Despite her movie successes, Andie admits she is still delighted when people praise her work, particularly in films that weren't so successful.

She added to "I have to say I feel really fortunate to have had as many successful films as I have had. It's unusual to have been able to be in as many blockbusters as I have been in

"But, I love when people come up and say something that's obscure. I really appreciate it when someone gives me a compliment about my work in say 'Unstrung Heroes'."