Andie MacDowell tried to discourage her daughters from becoming actresses.

Although the 'Four Weddings And A Funeral' star has enjoyed a successful career, she admitted she was worried when 17-year-old Sarah Margaret - who she refers to simply as Margaret - and Rainey, 22, told her they wanted to follow in their mother's footsteps.

Andie told YOU magazine: "I tried to talk them into doing something less stressful. Because while what I do is beautiful, it's not easy. But I do like the idea of Margaret doing some stage training while she's still young which I didn't do."

However, Andie isn't worried about her kids and revealed sensible Margaret is "reliable and motivated".

She added: "Wherever she ends up, I know I'll never have to worry about her. I let her move to New York City alone aged 16 because I knew it was right for her. She's just a really good kid. I think it's partly the discipline from her years of dancing and partly her personality but I've never had to worry about her getting in trouble. She's so talented and motivated."