Actress Andie MacDowell avoids giving her offspring career advice, insisting it is important for them to find their own feet.

The Four Weddings and a Funeral star, who recently filmed Mothers Day with her daughter Rainey Qualley, reveals that while she acts as a supportive parent she would rather take a step back and be less judgemental when it comes to her children's career aspirations.

MACDowell, who is also mother to Margaret and Justin, tells Hello! magazine, "I'm learning to step back. I think I was truly annoying about helping them in the beginning because I would tell them, 'There are a lot of times I'm trying to help you and you don't even know I'm 100 per cent right. You really have to trust your gods and find your own way.'

"But if we keep it playful rather than judgemental, I think it will work really well. Now I say, 'I will run lines with you but I'm not giving my opinion to you at all', which I think is maybe best."

Mothers day is due for release next year (14).