Reuters reporter Robert MacMillan on Wednesday attempted to interview Rupert Murdoch when Murdoch paid his first visit to the headquarters of the Wall Street Journal in New York since he acquired the newspaper's parent, Dow Jones. The wire service later published a transcript of its "exclusive" interview with Murdoch, headlined: "Murdoch, up close and personal." MacMillan: "Hello, Mr. Murdoch, I'm Robert MacMillan. I work for Reuters." Murdoch: "Oh, really!" MacMillan: "I just wanted to ask ..." Murdoch: "No." MacMillan: "Can you tell me what you talked to the editors about? (To security guard) Please don't touch me." Murdoch: "No." MacMillan: "And can you tell me also ..." Murdoch: "No." MacMillan: "You were seen with Anderson Cooper at Sun Valley. I wonder if you're interested in having him at the Fox Business Channel." Murdoch: (silence) MacMillan: "Are you planning to increase the number of employees at The Wall Street Journal?" Murdoch: "I'm not talking to Reuters." Security guard: "Stay away! Stay away!" (It was also reported Wednesday that Murdoch had sold about $20.5 million worth of News Corp stock.)