Despite dire predictions at the beginning of the year that the conservative-leaning Fox News Network would face tough sledding in 2009 given the widespread approval enjoyed by the Obama administration at the time, the cable network has achieved its highest ratings in its 13-year-history. According to figures released Wednesday, FNC averaged 2.2 million viewers in primetime, up 10 percent over 2008; 1.2 million total day, up 16 percent; and 1 million in mornings, up 14 percent. The network received its biggest boost from Glenn Beck, who nearly doubled viewership in his early evening time period. HLN also saw significant percentage gains, although its total audience remains tiny compared to Fox's. CNN's audience, however, continued to drop and was eclipsed by MSNBC in the 18-49 demographic. In particular, CNN's audience during the Anderson Cooper time period diminished 26 percent among total viewers.