Anderson Cooper spoke on national television this morning about being attacked by angry protestors in Cairo.
ANDERSON COOPER described the scene in Egypt's capital as "pandemonium" and spoke of the moment when he was punched repeatedly in the face by supporters of the embattled President Muburak, reports The Hollywood Reporter.
The newsreader and television presenter was assaulted by a pro-Muburak mob earlier today (2nd February 2011) and speaking on CNN's 'American Morning' he said he was being grabbed, kicked, and punched, adding, "It was pandemonium. There was no control to it. Suddenly, a young man would look at you, and then punch you right in the face". Cooper, also a renowned journalist and author, said he attempted to flee the scene but added, "The instinct is to try to punch or push back, but you really can't in a situation like that. That inflames the crowd even more. All we could do was walk as quickly as possible and stay together and seek a safe location". Cooper and his television crew began broadcasting from a rooftop in Tahrir Square but the violent protests continued and CNN's live blog notes that gasoline bombs and gunfire were heard in the area.
Unrest in Egypt looks certain to rage on after 82-year-old President Muburak announced that he would not be leaving office until the next election. Demonstrators have been calling for his immediate removal, while his supporters are angry that he has signalled his intention to stand down.