Cult rockers ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead have hit out at the political apathy which has dominated the US music scene since the terrorist attacks on America in September 2001.

The Texan band are fed-up with the lack of revolutionary dialogue from their contemporaries and poured their disgust into the title track of their latest album WORLDS APART, in which they blast: 'Look at those c**ts on MTV with their cars and cribs and rings and s**t.'

Frontman CONRAD KEELY says, "When I talk about 'MTV c**ts' I'm talking specifically about the artists on there. Not the people who run MTV or who watch it.

"And after 9/11 I couldn't help noticing how no-one in music was addressing anything that was going on in the world. There was this total vacuum of awareness which seemed very unusual to me, because music artists are usually the first people to say something about those things."

Bandmate JASON REECE adds, "And yet now the punks just sing about girls, and the rappers just rap about partying."

09/03/2005 17:51