Anchorman star Christina Applegate's love for videogame Guitar Hero left her with a severe two-week headache.
The actress, who is dating rock star Martyn Lenoble, admits she's hooked on the game, which allows non-musicians to pretend they're part of a band.
And one marathon stretch left her with the migraine from hell.
She recalls, "I sat in my dressing room and I played 25 songs that day and I ended up getting what they call an ocular migraine that lasted for two weeks... I could barely, like, work, I could barely do scenes.
"I had to leave for a couple of hours for the doctor to get a CT scan on my head."
Applegate came clean about the doctor's visit during an appearance on U.S. chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday (15Apr09), and immediately realised she'd be in trouble for revealing the real reason behind her medical emergency.
She said, "I never told them about this... until now, and now I'm in big trouble. I was like, 'It must be stress and I'm fatigued.'
"I didn't miss work - I would get sued for that. They (producers) let me go to the doctors for an hour."
And she's no longer taking any chances with Guitar Hero: "I haven't played in a long time... I've been too afraid."