Anastasia Ashley, the pro-surfer and recent star of Andrew Jenks' hit show 'World of Jenks', says that she doesn't want to become a 'brand' and doesn't feel the need to maintain a certain image, despite her new-found fame. In an interview with Surfer Magazine, the 23-year-old spoke about how she intends to deal with her recently acquired celebrity status, saying, "I'm in the position now where my sponsors support me in what I want to do. I don't like to censor myself, and I feel like there's no need to be anyone but myself".
Filmmaker Jenks and his crew followed the surfing champion around in order to give viewers an insight into her life, and Ashley admits it was strange at first, she said, "It was at first a little awkward having an entourage of about 15 people with you at all times. It made going out to eat kind of a problem". As well as being a surfer, Ashley is also a part-time model and has worked for magazines such as FHM, however she says that she will always see herself as an athlete first and foremost, she said, "I've never thought of myself as anything besides a surfer. Some people think I'm trying to portray something else, but I'm just being myself".
In the episode of 'World of Jenks', which aired on Monday (25th October 2010), Ashley spoke about a number of personal issues, most notably, the recent death of her mother.