Singer Anastacia refused to turn to her father after she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year (03) - because he walked out on her when she was five years old.

The I'M OUTTA LOVE star, 30, who ended up losing 40 per cent of her breast to the disease, turned to showbiz buddies SIR Elton John and Sharon Osbourne for support - rather than her dad BOB NEWKIRK who left her mother DIANA.

Anastacia says, "When I got cancer I didn't have any desire to get in touch with him at all.

"Why would I? He wasn't there to wipe my nose or see me graduate, he wasn't there for anything.

"There isn't a connection and I feel no desire to have one just because this person had sex three times with my mom and gave her three kids.

"That doesn't give him the right to hold my hand during a very tumultuous time."

27/07/2004 17:31